Erin Shaw, PTA, LMP

Erin Shaw, PTA, LMP

Erin Shaw, PTA, LMP

Erin Shaw’s career in the health care field began after witnessing her step mother suffer a major stroke. She enrolled herself into massage school at Ashmead college in Seattle, WA where she graduated with honors as a massage therapist.

Wanting to expand her career further, she then earned her Associate in Occupational Science through Seattle’s PIMA Medical Institute.

Erin incorporates a broad range of manual techniques into her work as a Physical Therapist Assistant. She works closely with the primary Physical Therapist ensuring consistent, quality care for each patient.

She is committed to continuing her education to provide a broad variety of skills to each person she treats.

Erin enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She enjoys hiking, yoga and dance. Erin resides in Edmonds with her husband and cats.

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