Telehealth PT visits for $120

Medicare is currently only paying for an e-visit for physical therapy at this time. This means they will pay for dashboard written communication. I have had many of my patients stuck at home request Telehealth video/audio PT visits. He can provide these easily for those that are at home. Support your PT’s if you can and schedule a visit by simply calling the clinic. We will schedule a 50-60 minutes session allowing you to reduce pain and improve your mobility. For all NonMedicare patients the Governor signed a new law RCW 43.06.220 that all commercial insurances pay at the same reimbursement rate for Telehealth visits as in office visits. This proclamation 20-29 was signed 3/25/20 so many insurance companies are lagging behind on updating benefits. We will bill the commercial companies as they verify benefits to meet the new law for Telehealth visits. In the meantime support your physical therapists and schedule a visit if you can! For those than cannot afford the cash rate, I will be posting videos on Facebook of exercises you can do at home for a variety of different injuries and conditions. Thank you everyone in the community for your continued support!