Bryan K.

yelp “I have been going to Axis on and off for years. I have been to many Physical Therapy clinics and Chiroprators over the years for back pain.
This business is amazing. My PT that I see is Jeff (who is also the owner), and he is always amazing.  I feel like they really care and want you to get healthier and better. The clinic is always super professional and the staff is always super friendly.

The thing that I am most impressed about is when my daughter was 9 months old, she had a flat back to her head from always sleeping on her back.  We went to our family doctor and he told us that my daughter would have to wear a shaping helmet for a couple of months to get her head back in shape.  I thought that was horrible and it was going to be very expensive.
My doctor told me that there is 1 doctor in the area that does a special treatment to help children like my daughter.  We went to see Jeff at Axis and he was incredibly great with my daughter and made her feel super comfortable.
It was AMAZING, after 3 visits Jeff completely reshaped my daughters head without any helmet or expensive treatment.  We are so impressed with the help he gave us and the friendly attitude of the clinic that we would recommend anyone to them.

If yelp had 10 stars, I would give them 10.

Anyone in need of any help, I know that this is the best PT clinic in the state and they seem like the highest educated PT doctors that we have ever talked to.

Thanks Axis.”  stars

Bryan K.Redmond, Wa