Mike J.

yelp “These people are the best at Axis Physical Therapy. Both Erin, and Jeff the owner listen and care about your well being and getting you healthier and stronger at every session, very helpful and professional and friendly.  I was helpless and useless and lame after 2 stomach and esophagus surgeries within 9 months and a nasty bout with pneumonia that left me in critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit for about 6 weeks, I had lost so much weight (45 pounds) and lost all my muscle mass, that I couldn’t stand up I was so weak, I had nothing. After several months of surgery recovery I began taking my physical therapy sessions at Axis to bring my system back up and build and to retrain muscles and everything else. Axis has woken up and strengthened muscles all over my body that I didn’t even know I had, as well as the main ones we all know about. In a little over 3 months Jeff and Erin have used specific methods and exercises and have alleviated the pain from my scar tissue problems that kept me from moving or exercising, and they helped me build up my strength again system wide, and transformed me from being weak and lame and useless while often in pain and having a lack of confidence to do things physically ~ ~into being very capable and confident and much stronger in every way; I can now do exercises or lift stuff (I couldn’t before going to Axis), no longer am I in pain whenever I simply lean over or try to lift and carry something or work on my hands and knees. I still have a ways to go and my limits are constantly being raised and they are a moving target but Axis has definitely helped me to raise the bar substantially. Now I can get back to doing projects and normal stuff around the house and even maybe working again. I have always been very impressed with the amount of higher education than is required and the ongoing training that “everyone” at Axis possesses and they use it very well. And they are all so friendly to everyone. I will definitely come back here again and recommend Axis to anyone.
OK, ……. ‘nuf said……… Mike” stars

Mike J.Lynnwood, Wa