Danny A.

Axis Icon“I came in discouraged and in pain and I left feeling better on both accounts. The staff is amazing and I 100% recommend Axis.”

Therapist: Shane Rushing DPT, CSCS

Tami C.

Axis Icon” I got superb care overall…an accurate diagnosis, excellent explanations, and a kind and thoughtful therapist. I refer my patients and my family to Axis without hesitation.  Jeff is very knowledgeable and helpful.”

Therapist: Jeff Waldron DPT, OCS, CPI, CEO


Karyn H.

Axis Icon” The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, caring, and concerned about my care. I learned a lot about how to take care of my back, which will help me in the future. Everything was great!”

Therapist: Shane Rushing DPT, CSCS

Pam B.

Axis Icon” The therapists were clear about the treatment. My appointments always started on time. Their therapists are thorough and well trained, and they make you feel like you are their only patient.”stars

Therapists: Cathy DeLizo PT, OCS and Erin Shaw PTA, LMP

Kelly H.

Axis Icon“I feel so much better after only 3 visits. I even referred my husband (who has chronic back pain). Cathy is a great therapist.”stars

Therapist: Cathy DeLizo PT, OCS

Mike J.

Axis Icon“Treatments helped me to move without pain, made me feel whole again, and capable and more confident. Axis will definitely help you.”stars

Therapists: Jeff Waldron DPT, OCS, CPI, CEO and Erin Shaw PTA, LMP

Krista C.

Axis Icon“My therapists were so friendly and easy to talk to. I felt like they really cared about my and my progress.  My recovery was successful because of Cathy and Erin-they’re awesome!”stars

Therapists: Cathy DeLizo PT, OCS and Erin Shaw PTA, LMP

Debbie A.

Axis Icon” I was valued as a person, not just ‘a number’ or ‘a condition.’ My experience at the Edmonds Axis was absolutely wonderful, starting with the friendly office staff and warm-up gals, then with both my therapists, Cathy and Erin. Cathy was very professional, but not aloof and I really appreciated how encouraging she was, especially her determination to find things that would work for my particular set of limitations and still accomplish what was needed. I would definitely choose her again if necessary. Since most of my time was spent with Erin, she was key to how much I enjoyed coming to PT, which I have always dreaded in the past. Not only was she caring, friendly, and encouraging, but a lot of fun to be with. She made the whole experience so enjoyable, rather than something I just had to get through…You will not be disappointed if you go to Axis!” stars

Therapists: Cathy DeLizo DPT, OCS and Erin Shaw PTA, LMP

Debra G.

Axis Icon“I really enjoyed the pool. Also, Jeff is uniquely qualified to treat my condition. His ability to zero in on precisely the causes of my pain, anatomically speaking, and to prescribe the most effective therapy program I have ever experienced wowed me. I was so impressed by his knowledge and professionalism, as well as his ways of relaying the nuances of my treatment plan, I’ll never forget how he taught me how to walk differently by taking a before and after video. It made a huge difference! In addition, Erin and Jeff as a team are extraordinary-excellent practitioners!”stars

Therapists: Jeff Waldron DPT, OCS, CPI, CEO and Erin Shaw PTA, LMP

Judith M.

Axis Icon“My appointments were always prompt-I never felt like I was wasting my time. Laura has great expertise and is experienced. I would recommend the Axis business.”stars

Therapist: Laura Flaherty DPT, OCS