New-Office-building-slider Axis Physical therapy Inc Treatment that revolves around the client Axis Physical therapy Inc Treatment that revolves around the client Axis Physical therapy Inc Treatment that revolves around the client

Mission Statement

“Treatment that revolves around the client.”

Vision Statement

“To provide the best possible physical therapy experience so that our clients feel inspired not only to return to our facility for follow-up appointments but also to refer their family members and friends for care.”


The goal of Axis Physical Therapy is to change the health care experience so that it exceeds each person’s expectations.  All staff members are trained to embrace this culture and to strive on a daily basis to consistently provide this type of customer service.

The name Axis was carefully selected to symbolize balance in the body, continuity of care, community integration, and complete professionalism.  Physical Therapy, when performed at its highest level, should provide care that balances the use of active and passive modalities to create balance in the different body systems in order to achieve the highest possible functional outcome desired.

Advance Beyond Expectations

1Active & Passive Physical Therapy

The combination of passive and active physical therapy in coordination with treatment from other health care providers maximizes the body’s potential to achieve restored function.

The passive portion includes hands on care and the use of ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and mechanical spinal traction.  Passive care can help reduce pain and facilitate movement and is usually used in the earlier (acute) stages of healing.

The active portion consists of exercise and behavior modification. Prescribing and implementing an effective exercise program initially requires proper testing and diagnostics. This ensures that each client will have the correct exercises to resolve their joint, muscle, or nerve imbalances.

The most important part of treatment is the education component. Thorough understanding of an injury or condition allows the patient to become empowered and be involved in their own Plan-of-Care. It helps them to modify their posture and body mechanics to repair injuries and prevent future ones. We work with the patient, on what they are likely to do, in order to reduce and then resolve their physical therapy issues.

2Continuity of Care

Continuity of care requires effective communication between the patient, the physical therapist, and the referring physician or practitioner. Axis Physical Therapy is committed to safely using new technology to protect private health information as well as providing same day communication to the patient’s referring physician or practitioner. Use of electronic medical records allows our physical therapists to instantly access MRI’s, X-ray’s, CT’s, and many other medical records that are pertinent to the patient’s physical therapy care, eliminating the need for the patient to relay complex medical terms and test results to us.

4Community Involvement

Axis Physical Therapy understands that its success is only possible with the support of local communities.  As a result, giving back to local communities is an integral part of our practice. Each year our employees select several community fundraisers in which to participate. On the days of these events we often close the clinics so that we can all participate. We participate with the understanding that we are not only providing financial support but also our time and skill sets. We truly enjoy providing free education, treatment, and resources at these events and ask that you visit our community page for links to these organizations.

“Only a life lived in the service of others is worth living.” – Albert Einstein

3Patient Advocacy

Our physical therapists also focus on patient follow-up with phone calls and e-mails. Patient advocacy starts with taking the time to call a patient and check on their health status and answer questions. This communication continues with professional home exercise handouts and video e-mails on how to perform exercises.


Complete professionalism is a concept that all Axis Physical Therapy employees embody each working day. Our therapists commit to standards that go above and beyond our professional association, the APTA. All of our physical therapists have their doctorates and commit to taking continuing education classes in excess of the requirements of the State of Washington. This ensures that patients receive the most up to date and research based care. It also keeps employees excited about the physical therapy profession and finely tunes their skills as premier clinicians. Being an excellent clinician is not enough. Our therapists also focus on providing customer service that makes each patient feel like an individual and not like a number in the health care system. Our success is never owned, it is rented, and all Axis Physical Therapy staff know that rent is due every day!

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