Axis Physical Therapy Testimonials

Axis Icon“I came in discouraged and in pain and I left feeling better on both accounts. The staff is amazing and I 100% recommend Axis.”

Therapist: Shane Rushing DPT, CSCS

Danny A.Edmonds, WA

Axis Icon” I got superb care overall…an accurate diagnosis, excellent explanations, and a kind and thoughtful therapist. I refer my patients and my family to Axis without hesitation.  Jeff is very knowledgeable and helpful.”

Therapist: Jeff Waldron DPT, OCS, CPI, CEO


Tami C.Edmonds, WA

Axis Icon” The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, caring, and concerned about my care. I learned a lot about how to take care of my back, which will help me in the future. Everything was great!”

Therapist: Shane Rushing DPT, CSCS

Karyn H.Edmonds, WA

Axis Icon” The therapists were clear about the treatment. My appointments always started on time. Their therapists are thorough and well trained, and they make you feel like you are their only patient.”stars

Therapists: Cathy DeLizo PT, OCS and Erin Shaw PTA, LMP

Pam B.

Axis Icon“I feel so much better after only 3 visits. I even referred my husband (who has chronic back pain). Cathy is a great therapist.”stars

Therapist: Cathy DeLizo PT, OCS

Kelly H.Edmonds, WA

Axis Icon“Treatments helped me to move without pain, made me feel whole again, and capable and more confident. Axis will definitely help you.”stars

Therapists: Jeff Waldron DPT, OCS, CPI, CEO and Erin Shaw PTA, LMP

Mike J.Edmonds, WA

Axis Icon“My therapists were so friendly and easy to talk to. I felt like they really cared about my and my progress.  My recovery was successful because of Cathy and Erin-they’re awesome!”stars

Therapists: Cathy DeLizo PT, OCS and Erin Shaw PTA, LMP

Krista C.Edmonds, WA

Axis Icon” I was valued as a person, not just ‘a number’ or ‘a condition.’ My experience at the Edmonds Axis was absolutely wonderful, starting with the friendly office staff and warm-up gals, then with both my therapists, Cathy and Erin. Cathy was very professional, but not aloof and I really appreciated how encouraging she was, especially her determination to find things that would work for my particular set of limitations and still accomplish what was needed. I would definitely choose her again if necessary. Since most of my time was spent with Erin, she was key to how much I enjoyed coming to PT, which I have always dreaded in the past. Not only was she caring, friendly, and encouraging, but a lot of fun to be with. She made the whole experience so enjoyable, rather than something I just had to get through…You will not be disappointed if you go to Axis!” stars

Therapists: Cathy DeLizo DPT, OCS and Erin Shaw PTA, LMP

Debbie A.

Axis Icon“I really enjoyed the pool. Also, Jeff is uniquely qualified to treat my condition. His ability to zero in on precisely the causes of my pain, anatomically speaking, and to prescribe the most effective therapy program I have ever experienced wowed me. I was so impressed by his knowledge and professionalism, as well as his ways of relaying the nuances of my treatment plan, I’ll never forget how he taught me how to walk differently by taking a before and after video. It made a huge difference! In addition, Erin and Jeff as a team are extraordinary-excellent practitioners!”stars

Therapists: Jeff Waldron DPT, OCS, CPI, CEO and Erin Shaw PTA, LMP

Debra G.Edmonds, WA

Axis Icon“My appointments were always prompt-I never felt like I was wasting my time. Laura has great expertise and is experienced. I would recommend the Axis business.”stars

Therapist: Laura Flaherty DPT, OCS

Judith M.Edmonds, WA

Axis Icon“I had a big improvement in my pain level [after treatment]. Laura is pleasant company and Axis as a clinic is great.”stars

Therapist: Laura Flaherty DPT, OCS

Lara G.Seattle, WA

Axis Icon“The therapists provide candid assessments and are very responsive to questions (communication is important!) It is a good place to get help. I appreciated the option of Saturday appointments.”stars

Therapists: Jeff Waldron, DPT, OCS, CPI, CEO and Erin Shaw, PTA, LMP

Gordon M.Edmonds, WA

Axis Icon“Shane’s knowledge of my ankle therapy [was the best part of my experience]. He knew all the areas to check and treat. I couldn’t recommend Shane highly enough. Sophie was professional and friendly! stars

Therapist: Shane Rushing DPT, CSCS

Bob C.Lynnwood, Wa

yelp “I have been going to Jeff at AXIS PT on and off for different health issues/surgeries for several years. Because of back issues, I am unable to do some exercises the traditional way and I learned through Jeff that there is often more than one way to do an exercise. Thankfully, he is very flexible and able to find just the right way to rehab without causing additional problems with my back – I did not have the same luck with previous physical therapists. Jeff truly wants to know how you feel your physical therapy is going, so being open and honest with him is the best way to get feeling better.” stars

Susie E.Edmonds, Wa

yelp “I have been a critical care R.N. for over 20 years and have worked with many physicians. Jeff’s skills as a diagnostician in the area of musculoskeletal and nerve pathology/disorders is superior to most of the doctors I work with. Admittedly this is not these doctors area of expertise, but it is Jeff’s.  He listens to a patients history, asks pertinent questions, observes a patient move, and his diagnosis is right on!  His plan of care involves exercises specific to the problem identified and IF you do the exercises as he recommends you WILL get relief.

I initially saw Jeff for a knee injury and as that began improving I asked my primary physician for an additional referral for him to treat my chronic neck issue (pain, numbness of the right arm, very limited range of motion, and recent loss of strength). I had had an MRI done over 5 years previous and knew I had moderate radiculopathy causing my problems. After doing a neurological exam and strength testing he began to work on my neck and made improvements in my range of motion. However, Jeff saw the long term outlook and potential irreversible complications of this condition and suggested I see a neurosurgeon in Seattle. To make a long story short, I had a discectomy and fusion of C5-C7 by Dr Srinivasan and the results have been amazing. I resumed my PT regime with Jeff after 3 weeks and in addition to regaining normal range of motion he taught me how to change my posture and gave me new techniques for how to lift patients in an effort to avoid the same problem at different levels of the cervical spine.

I highly recommend this PT clinic. I drove 24 miles from my home to be seen by Jeff when there were other clinics within 5 minutes of my house. I am so grateful for Jeff’s knowledge, skill, and passion for helping those of us who need it.” stars

Diane N.Lake Stevens, Wa

yelp “I was in a car accident and really messed up my back and my neck.  My doctor referred me to Axis and I am so happy he did.  When I first went in, I couldn’t bend forward, look to the left, and had constant lower back pain.  after about 8 weeks of treatment with Shane I now have no pain and am almost back to 100%.

I know a lot of Physical Therapists would likely have had the same results but what really sets Axis apart is the friendliness and concern of the staff.  I was always greeted with a smile by the beautiful women at the front desk and they knew my name after the first visit.  Shane really listened to me and helped me come up with exercises I could easily do at home and fit into my busy work schedule.  And the therapy aids were always really nice and attentive.”

I would definitely recommend Axis to anyone that needs Physical Therapy, they really go out of their way to make you feel comfortable.”


Mark L.Mountlake Terrace, Wa

yelp “I highly recommend Axis should you find yourself in need of the services of a physical therapist. The staff is friendly and efficient, and the service provided by the physical therapists is excellent, extremely professional, and caring. I needed support in learning how to walk properly following foot surgery, but was unsure about how helpful PT could be in resolving my issues; however, AXIS was quite wonderful, honed in on key problems and worked them. As a result, my gait has improved considerably, and I have been given exercises to do on my own so that I can maintain that progress. Their goal is clearly to do all they can to help you improve, then make sure that you have the knowledge and strategies to keep it up. My time at AXIS was not wasted time; it was incredibly helpful and well worth it.” stars

S. R. Bothell, Wa

yelp “These people are the best at Axis Physical Therapy. Both Erin, and Jeff the owner listen and care about your well being and getting you healthier and stronger at every session, very helpful and professional and friendly.  I was helpless and useless and lame after 2 stomach and esophagus surgeries within 9 months and a nasty bout with pneumonia that left me in critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit for about 6 weeks, I had lost so much weight (45 pounds) and lost all my muscle mass, that I couldn’t stand up I was so weak, I had nothing. After several months of surgery recovery I began taking my physical therapy sessions at Axis to bring my system back up and build and to retrain muscles and everything else. Axis has woken up and strengthened muscles all over my body that I didn’t even know I had, as well as the main ones we all know about. In a little over 3 months Jeff and Erin have used specific methods and exercises and have alleviated the pain from my scar tissue problems that kept me from moving or exercising, and they helped me build up my strength again system wide, and transformed me from being weak and lame and useless while often in pain and having a lack of confidence to do things physically ~ ~into being very capable and confident and much stronger in every way; I can now do exercises or lift stuff (I couldn’t before going to Axis), no longer am I in pain whenever I simply lean over or try to lift and carry something or work on my hands and knees. I still have a ways to go and my limits are constantly being raised and they are a moving target but Axis has definitely helped me to raise the bar substantially. Now I can get back to doing projects and normal stuff around the house and even maybe working again. I have always been very impressed with the amount of higher education than is required and the ongoing training that “everyone” at Axis possesses and they use it very well. And they are all so friendly to everyone. I will definitely come back here again and recommend Axis to anyone.
OK, ……. ‘nuf said……… Mike” stars

Mike J.Lynnwood, Wa

yelp “I have been going to Axis on and off for years. I have been to many Physical Therapy clinics and Chiroprators over the years for back pain.
This business is amazing. My PT that I see is Jeff (who is also the owner), and he is always amazing.  I feel like they really care and want you to get healthier and better. The clinic is always super professional and the staff is always super friendly.

The thing that I am most impressed about is when my daughter was 9 months old, she had a flat back to her head from always sleeping on her back.  We went to our family doctor and he told us that my daughter would have to wear a shaping helmet for a couple of months to get her head back in shape.  I thought that was horrible and it was going to be very expensive.
My doctor told me that there is 1 doctor in the area that does a special treatment to help children like my daughter.  We went to see Jeff at Axis and he was incredibly great with my daughter and made her feel super comfortable.
It was AMAZING, after 3 visits Jeff completely reshaped my daughters head without any helmet or expensive treatment.  We are so impressed with the help he gave us and the friendly attitude of the clinic that we would recommend anyone to them.

If yelp had 10 stars, I would give them 10.

Anyone in need of any help, I know that this is the best PT clinic in the state and they seem like the highest educated PT doctors that we have ever talked to.

Thanks Axis.”  stars

Bryan K.Redmond, Wa

yelp“I started going to PT at Axis following a car accident in 2007.  Since then I have had different things come up to where I needed a physical therapist and have always asked for my referral to go to Axis PT.  Recently I had repeatedly went to my primary care physician for calf/leg pain and left there feeling unsure as to what was going on.  I went to Axis and BOOM!  I got a diagnosis and am on the way to recovery.  They really know the mechanics of the body and educate you on how to avoid additional injuries.  I highly recommend this place to anyone who needs PT.”stars

Robyn H.Lynnwood, Wa

Axis Icon“Kind and understanding therapists and aides. Entire Staff very friendly and willing to help. Best I’ve been to.”

Therapist: Jeff Waldron, DPT, OCS, CPI, CEO

Jim GEdmonds, Wa

yelp“Wow, this place is absolutely WONDERFUL! My doctor recommended this office because that’s where he goes for his therapy and I don’t regret following in his footsteps.

A simple small blue building that have a homey feel to it, you walk in and they know your name and answer all the silly questions you have with a huge smile on their face. They don’t rush you in or out, they take their time and there isn’t a ton of other people around going through therapy (maybe 1 or 2 at most that you can see) So you feel like you are getting the one-on-one time you deserve.

After I sustained a back injury at work, I saw Shane Rushing for PT and Tara for massage therapy, and they have helped me get back on my feet within a few weeks. While back injuries take a long time, they are great at remembering and listening and being proactive about my injury. While I’m still not fully healed, I am feeling so much better. I know in the future that I will come to this therapist office!”



Michelle G.Seattle, Wa

yelp “I can’t say how much I truly appreciate the entire staff at Axis. The team work at Axis is seamless and they are highly professional and fun to work with. From the receptionist, to the PT aides, to the PT assistance and the PTs, everyone shows that they care about you and your recovery.  They are also really nice people – now that I have been dismissed from therapy – I miss the people at Axis.  I recommend Axis without any hesitations!” stars


Jo C.Edmonds, WA

yelp “After tearing my Achilles and not healing very quickly, I went into Axis and am feeling so much better, more flexible, less pain. Excellent service, the staff is super friendly and flexible. I highly recommend Axis for any PT need you may have!” stars

Sheryl C.Seattle, WA