Avoiding Overtraining Injuries & How Physical Therapy Can Help

Now is the time of year when we all put down the holiday treats, dust of our workout gear, and emerge from our warm cozy houses to get some exercise. Whether your just starting a new workout routine or consider yourself a seasoned veteran, anyone can suffer from overtraining injuries.

Moveforwardpt.com has put together a guide for avoiding these new years resolution stoppers. In the article, they describe how physical therapists can be a great resource for those trying to stay healthy and active.

Physical therapists are movement experts, and work with people of all ages and levels of activity. During a visit, a physical therapist can:

  • Check your flexibility, strength, and endurance of muscles to support your desired level of activity.
  • Ensure that symptoms are due to overuse or overtraining and not something more serious.
  • Identify training errors to ensure a safe fitness plan, no matter your previous level of activity.
  • Correct biomechanical problems in form with your chosen activity to avoid overuse of a susceptible body part.
  • Provide appropriate training plan to minimize risk of injury and help you safely meet your fitness goals.

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