If you are unsure of the cause of your injury, please consider the following:

    • If the pain is in your legs or feet; Any changes in footwear? Any changes in surfaces for standing and walking? Trips taken around injury date? Changes in exercise routine?
    • If the pain is in your arms or hands; Amount of time spent on devices (computer, phone, ect?).  Any home projects or yard work at time of injury? Crafting or hobbies?
    • If pain is in back or neck; Amount of time spent sitting? Any long trips sitting in care or plane? Any activities requiring heavy lifting or repetitive lifting? Yard work or home projects? Extended time on devices? Poor supporting couch, chair or mattress? Sitting with recliner or feet on foot stool? Reading in bed or watching TV in long sitting?

    If yes to any of these questions, please elaborate on your injury timeline.