Soreness vs Pain: What’s the Difference?


One question that physical therapists get quite often is “Is this pain normal?” or “No pain no gain, right?”. Sometimes this is a difficult distinction to make. Muscle soreness is a regular part of exercise, but sometimes pain can be an indicator of injury. The signs to look for include a duration of over 2-3 days after the activity or sharp pain with exercise or even at rest. This article on the Move Forward website is full of valuable information including an easy to follow chart.

How can physical therapy help?

A physical therapist can be a valuable resource to you throughout your exercise journey. Before beginning an exercise routine, your physical therapist can perform a variety of pre-activity assessments to determine your readiness for exercise. Based on this, your physical therapist may also recommend specific exercises that will best prepare you for your desired activities. They will also discuss the best strategies for introducing and progressing exercise activities while minimizing your chance of becoming injured.

In the unfortunate situation when exercise leads to an injury, your physical therapist will assist in your recovery in many ways. They will help with initial pain management, identify and address all factors that may have contributed to your injury to prevent further problems and provide specific recommendations regarding reintegration into exercise as appropriate.

Avoiding Overtraining Injuries & How Physical Therapy Can Help


Now is the time of year when we all put down the holiday treats, dust of our workout gear, and emerge from our warm cozy houses to get some exercise. Whether your just starting a new workout routine or consider yourself a seasoned veteran, anyone can suffer from overtraining injuries. has put together a guide for avoiding these new years resolution stoppers. In the article, they describe how physical therapists can be a great resource for those trying to stay healthy and active.

Physical therapists are movement experts, and work with people of all ages and levels of activity. During a visit, a physical therapist can:

  • Check your flexibility, strength, and endurance of muscles to support your desired level of activity.
  • Ensure that symptoms are due to overuse or overtraining and not something more serious.
  • Identify training errors to ensure a safe fitness plan, no matter your previous level of activity.
  • Correct biomechanical problems in form with your chosen activity to avoid overuse of a susceptible body part.
  • Provide appropriate training plan to minimize risk of injury and help you safely meet your fitness goals.

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Opening day at Martha Lake is here!

We are excited to announce that our new clinic in Martha Lake (Lynnwood/Mill Creek area) is now open. We are taking new patients, so come by the clinic or give us a call at 425-245-8547 to schedule a physical therapy evaluation with Dr. Shane Rushing. We will be having an open house on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 9th from 12pm to 3pm. See the flier below for more details.

Clinic Opening Da flipped (2)

Our first patient!





Halloween at Axis Edmonds

Halloween is always a spirited time at Axis. We enjoy dressing up as well as encouraging our patients to do so. It’s a reminder that a great part of serving our clients is having a fun and positive environment in the clinic! Here are a few photos of our staff and patients (with their permission) from Halloween this year.







October is National Physical Therapy Month

For most people, October marks the beginning of Autumn, Halloween, and for all of us in western Washington the beginning of the rainy season (or seasons!). For Physical Therapists, it marks National Physical Therapy Month. It’s an opportunity to reach out to our community and educate them about the unique benefits of treatment by a physical therapist. This year the American Physical Therapy Association’s theme is it’s “Fit Over 50” campaign. The APTA has named the 10 fittest baby boomer cities and Seattle is ranked #8! Follow the link below for more information and take a look at this message from the APTA president about National Physical Therapy Month.


Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

On Sunday October 20th, one of our therapists Shane Rushing will be representing Axis in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event in Everett. Shane has had multiple family members who have battled breast cancer as well as other types of cancer. This is a small opportunity for him, other members of the Axis team, and members of his community to help raise money that goes toward cancer research, education, and supporting those with cancer on the road to recovery.



Cathy to Ride in the Pan-Massachusetts Challenge for Charity

On August 4th, our Physical Therapist Cathy Delizo will be traveling to her native state of Massachusetts. She will be spending most of her time riding in a bike-a-thon for charity while she is back east. The Pan-Massachusetts Challenge raises money for cancer research and treatment for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. So far, Cathy has raised $850 of her $1000 goal. For more information and to support Cathy in her mission click on this link to “Cathy Delizo’s Ride“.


A New Chapter for Axis Physical Therapy

First of all, we would like to thank everyone for visiting our new website. We are looking forward to utilizing this blog and featured articles section in a few different ways. Our primary goal is to post articles and videos related to physical therapy, educating our community on wellness as well as injury prevention and treatment. We are also going to use this section to tell you more about ourselves by showing you things we like to do not only in the clinic, but out in our community.

Our second clinic in the Martha Lake / Mill Creek area will be opening in mid to late August! Our therapists Shane Rushing and Deena Winham are very excited to treat new and current patients in this new facility. You can find more information on them in the “Staff” section of this website. We will be keeping everyone updated with pictures of the new facility soon, so please check back here for updates in the future!